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Stars Come Out For Kerry

Next week lefty artists and actors will be hosting fundraising “galas” for John Kerry in LA and New York .

It’s the usual suspects doing their usual quadrennial political thing. Below are some of the stars involved with the shindigs – as a public service to NRO readers I’ve provided the movie for which each is most famous (to me anyway)

Warren Beatty Ishtar

Barbra Streisand Yentl

Neil Diamond The Jazz Singer

Ben Affleck Gigli

Chevy Chase Cops and Robbersons

Ted Danson Pontiac Moon

Mary Sttenburgen Clifford

Robin Williams Patch Adams

Rhea Perlman Carpool

Danny DeVito Jack the Bear

Whoopi Goldberg More Dogs than Bones

Willie Nelson Where the Hell’s that Gold?!!?

Bette Midler Hocus Pocus

Leonardo DiCaprio The Beach

Robert DeNiro The Fan

Richard Gere King David

Dustin Hoffman Ishtar

Hope Lange I Am the Cheese

Annette Benning What Planet Are You From?

Jon Bon Jovi Destination Anywhere

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