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Charles Barkley of the NBA and Luke Skywalker of Star Wars (played by Mark Hamill) (Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images and Marvin Gentry / REUTERS)

I have a little sportscast for you — whose main subjects are the NBA and the Super Bowl. With me are two of the regular gurus — David French and Vivek Dave — and a special guest guru, Sopan Deb, of the New York Times. In addition to being a journalist, he is a stand-up comedian, a musician, and an NBA-ologist.

We regulars tease Sopan a little about the Celtics (who are his team). Then we talk about recent trade flurries, the All-Star game (worth watching?), Charles Barkley (a classic American), etc. When it comes to the Super Bowl, we talk about Brady (GOAT?), Belichick (GOAT?), and even an ad.

At the end of our podcast, we depart sports to talk about Star Trek, Star Wars, and related realms. David and Sopan are travelers to these realms. They talk about them rather movingly. Vivek and I sit back and listen.

Again, here.

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