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State Assembly Cuomo Probe: The More Impeachable You Are, the Less Impeachable You Are

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference before the opening of a mass vaccination site in the Queens N.Y., February 24, 2021. (Seth Wenig/Pool via Reuters)

The New York State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee has held its first meeting regarding its impeachment probe of Governor Andrew Cuomo. The committee’s conclusion — try to follow this — is that if Cuomo had committed one impeachable offense, it might be a straightforward matter for the Assembly to file an article of impeachment; however, since there are numerous allegations of impeachable offenses, the investigation could go on interminably before articles are potentially filed.

As the New York Post reports, the committee is saying the inquiry into the governor’s alleged misconduct could take “months” to complete because there are so many allegations.


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