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State Corruption Update

Former North Carolina governor Mike Easley, a Democrat, is now facing the possibility of criminal indictment on political corruption charges. Last week, the state board of elections ruled that his campaign had violated the law by failing to report in-kind contributions, by receiving in-kind contributions from corporations (banned in N.C.), and by scheming to evade contribution limits. The elections board also referred the matter to the district attorney in the capital city of Raleigh for possible indictment. The DA, a longtime friend of Easley’s, recused himself. The case is now in the hands of a district attorney in another county, a Republican who appears to have no personal connection to anyone involved. Meanwhile, federal authorities are continuing their own probe of a wider set of allegations involving sweetheart deals, pay-to-play government, and petty chiseling. My newspaper, Carolina Journal, has more here and here.