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State Legislatures Looking Red

This morning, the Republican State Leadership Committee released its second report on the “REDistricting MAjority Project” (REDMAP). Led by former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, the committee is supporting Republican candidates for state legislatures across the country with the hope of influencing 2011’s redistricting efforts in the GOP’s favor. The report has four major findings:

1. At least 30 state house seats in districts won by President Obama in 2008 could go Republican this year and thereby grant the GOP control of the Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania state houses.

2. Democrats are expected not to win control of a single chamber this year.

3. The GOP is expected to win six chambers easily: the Indiana House, Michigan House, North Carolina House, Ohio House, Pennsylvania House, and Wisconsin Senate.

4. Eleven Democratically-controlled chambers are in play: the Alabama House and Senate, Colorado House and Senate, Iowa House and Senate, Illinois House, New York Senate, North Carolina Senate, Oregon Senate, and Wisconsin Senate


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