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State of Sharia

A source in Iraq reports:

The Iraqi Governing Council repealed decree 137 today (the controversial decree bringing in Sharia law passed in December. A group of women came in to lobby against decree 137. They presented their case to the Governing Council as to why Sharia discriminates against women.

The council vote to repeal decree 137 was passed by 15 in favor and 10 against (the full council of 25 was there). The women who had lobbied against decree 137 ululated and shouted for joy at the end of the vote.

In protest at their behavior, the following 8 IGC members walked out:

Ibrahim al-Ja’fari (Dawa Party, Shi’a Islamist)

’Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim (Scriri, Shi’a Islamist funded by Iran)

Muhammad Bahr al-’Ulum (Shi’a Islamist)

’Abd al-Karim Mahmud al-Muhammadawi (Shi’a, Hizbullah, aka Abu Hatem the Lord of the Marshes)

Ahmed Chalabi (INC)

’Izz al-Din Salim (Shi’a, Islamic Dawa of Basra

Ahmad Shya’a al-Barak al-Bu Sultan (Shi’a, Iraqi Lawyers union)

Salam al-Khafaji (Shi’a woman, ex-Ba’athist, replaced the late Aqila al-Hashemi)

Bremer then called off the meeting as there was no longer a quorum. To ease the tensions he invited the IGC to his residence for this evening’s meal.

The 17 IGC members who had stayed in the room after the vote was taken went to Bremer’s.

At present, the 8 named above who walked out in protest at the repeal of decree 137 are at Ahmed Chalabi’s residence and are boycotting dinner with Bremer.


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