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A Statehood Issue?

From an e-mail:


it seems to me that all you guys at The Corner are missing at least one angle, shared by most Puerto Ricans by the way, about the impact of Sotomayor’s nomination: that of Puerto Rico statehood. From a nationalperspective we Puerto Rico conservatives & Republicans (probably including our Governor Fortuño) profoundly dislike her appointment. Too liberal and judicial activist for our taste; BUT, from our priority political ideals and objectives perspective —namely statehood— this is the best thing that could have happened to Puerto Rico.

Succinctly stated, for raisons d’Etat, and for the greater common good of Puerto Rico, Go Sotomayor!!!! You will see an almost unanimous backing for Sotomayor (granted, for different reasons) in the next few hours and days from most Puerto Ricans (except probably the 3% of independendistas we have in Puerto Rico). Even the mere nomination of Sotomayor breaks the glass ceiling of Puerto Rico statehood. I cannot even fathom what would it represent to Puerto Rico statehood if she finally sits along Scallia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito…


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