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States Fight Back on Transgender Sports

Bills in at least 20 states are pushing back on President Biden’s attack on women’s sports.

Last Thursday, the North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill by 65 to 26 that would prevent males from competing in female sports, as well as withhold state funds from sporting events that did not do the same. The same day, the state Senate in Mississippi passed similar legislation, entitled the “Mississippi Fairness Act,” and on Wednesday, the state House in Utah passed a bill entitled “Preserving Sports for Female Students.”

The New York Post reports that “elected officials in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and New Hampshire are considering similar bills.”

Of course, this is the predictable response to President Biden’s executive order that — the White House has explained — would force all federally funded entities to permit males to compete against females. It is unfortunate, though perhaps inevitable, that the political fight to save women’s sports should become a partisan struggle. But the reality is that many liberals also see the problem with allowing biological males to compete against women. This is not a partisan issue. This is common sense.


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