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Stating the Obvious

When chatting with Bill Bennett on his always interesting radio show earlier this week, he stated for the record (I’m doing this from memory): “Soft on Romney. Obsessed with Santorum. Got it.” Unapologetically so. As the senator said to me a few months ago, explaining his pull toward public service, “Right now is an important time in the history of our country.”

It sure is. It’s a time to embrace the guys who are good  — the leaders — and not let general collective frustrations and political silliness cloud judgment when it comes to individual candidates.

That’s all to say, go to Sixers for more Santorum blogging — and the completely different debate I made the mistake of turning on (Montana).

By the way, not all of you Corner readers have discovered Sixers, often and increasingly, I think you’ll find it useful as the big November day approaches.