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Stay At Home Moms–This Is For You

Karen Hughes on the THK apology, from CNN today:

JUDY WOODRUFF: “Karen Hughes, just quickly, it’s my understanding that today Teresa Heinz Kerry issued a statement saying that she had forgotten that Mrs. Bush had worked as a teacher and a librarian, and she said there’s no more important job than teaching children. Do you accept—does your campaign accept this apology?” KAREN HUGHES: “Well, I think it’s very nice that she apologized, but in some ways the apology almost made the comment worse, because she seems to have forgotten that being a mother is a real job. Again, I think her comment threw an inappropriate wedge between women who choose to work at home and women who choose to work outside the home. I think most women–and most men–would be offended by that, because most women want to be able to choose to do what’s right for them, whether it’s to stay with their families and work at home or to work outside the home pursuing a career.”

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