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Stay Paranoid, My Friends

A healthy corrective to my optimism about the likely failure of the corporate/leftist push for amnesty and doubling immigration is Mickey Kaus’s “7 Reasons to Keep On Worrying About Amnesty.” He’s talked about reasons three to seven before, and you should go read them, but the two new ones are worth noting here. The first is that Boehner might just retire, and use a push for amnesty as his ticket to ” a lucrative K St. lobbying practice,” buoyed by “establishment praise for his bipartisan statesmanship.” A rebellion by outraged GOP back-benchers wouldn’t matter much in that case.

Mickey’s second concern comes from Eric Cantor’s Friday memo to Republican House members laying out the agenda for the fall. The immigration graf is brief but disturbing, particularly the part I emphasized:

We know that the current legal immigration system is broken and should be fixed in a deliberate and responsible manner. That is why the Judiciary and Homeland Security committees have produced a number of specific bills which the House may begin considering this fall. Before we consider any other reforms, it is important that we pass legislation securing our borders and providing enforcement mechanisms to our law enforcement officials.

So it’s apparently not important to actually implement enforcement mechanisms, like E-Verify and visa-tracking, and make sure they’re working and survive court challenge, before considering amnesty — just passing legislation to that effect is sufficient. How’s that different from the Gang of Eight approach?

I still think the president will not have an immigration bill on his desk by the end of the year — but no thanks to the GOP House leadership.


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