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Staying Ten Years

It’s no surprise I side with Rich on this, but I would add that staying in Iraq ten years isn’t a big deal. Staying in a dangerous Iraq for ten years is. We’ve had troops in some spots around the world for at least fifty years. Almost no one cares that we’re in Germany or Japan because Americans aren’t being killed there. If American troops are kept there as a geopolitical stabilizing presence, a la South Korea, but aren’t being killed every day this won’t bee a particularly controversial issue for us. How it’s viewed in Arab countries is certainly a legitimate concern. Also, it’s not clear that even if we stayed in Iraq for ten years — or fifty — that we’d be doing it with over 100,000 troops. Regardless, if Derb or any one else is keen on pulling troops out of places where they’ve outlived their utility I can think of lots of places which make more sense than Iraq.


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