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Stealing You Blind: Now Available for Amazon Pre-order

With 15 million Americans desperate for a chance to work, the news that Green Bay teachers feel “upset” that they’ve been asked to teach more and plan less (to make room for more meetings, apparently) will ring hollow to them. The fact that teachers earn more than most of us for only nine months’ work is one that I expound in my new book, Stealing You Blind: How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off of You, now available for pre-order at Amazon (Kindle edition also available).

Stealing You Blind attempts to be a readable primer about the nature of modern American bureaucracy, from the federal government’s $4 trillion budget all the way down to the petty bureaucrats of local school boards. In it, I examine how many people work — directly and indirectly — for government, how much of our money they spend, how they raise the money by ignoring the Constitution, how they tie business up with red tape to justify their existence, and how government has become a racket of politicians, bureaucrats, and government unions worthy of a RICO investigation.

I go further to look at state and local bureaucracies and make a special case study of how these groups have betrayed us and our children by destroying the value of the education system at both school and college levels. Wanting to end on an optimistic note, I outline a plan for sweeping public-sector reform, based heavily on Margaret Thatcher’s successful reforms of the British public services while trying to avoid the mistakes she made in doing so.

I’ll be supporting the book online, of course, so if you’d like to head over to my Facebook author page and “like” me you should get daily updates about the book and further examples of how government is Stealing You Blind.

Oh, and there is a recommendation on the book by no less a figure than Rich Lowry himself, evidently a man of extreme taste and distinction.


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