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Steele Deep Underwater in New Poll

Public Policy Polling has taken a look at public opinion of RNC Chair Michael Steele, and it ain’t pretty. Steele’s unfavorables exceed his favorables among Americans generally, Republicans specifically, and even blacks:

One person who’s not doing the party any favors is Michael Steele. Only 10% of Americans have a favorable opinion of him while 33% see him unfavorably. Even in his own party a plurality of voters have a negative view of him, with 19% saying they have an unfavorable opinion of him to 15% with a positive one.

Any thought that having Steele as the chair might help the party reach out to African Americans can be tossed away- only 5% of them have a favorable opinion of him to 53% with a negative one.

Though Steele’s unpopularity is particularly striking, other national Republican leaders don’t fare so hot either. Full results here.


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