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Stem Cells

I’ve gotten ten emails basically saying this today. Maybe there’s a blog or something out there encouraging it. But it’s odd how all of a sudden everyone feels compelled to make this identical argument to me:


I wonder if all these religious, moral, sanctimonious people will stick to their guns if embryonic stem cell research does bear fruit. Can you imagine:

Doctor: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we are able to give your child a new liver, but it would involve using embryonic stem cells to grow a healthy one or we could simply use research procured from embryonic stem cell research to repair his diseased liver.

Mr. Smith: Sorry Doc. We are morally against embryonic stem cell use so we must wait and put our child’s fate in God’s hands.

Yeah right. I suspect they’ll take the new liver and pray for forgiveness later. Sort of like all these anti-gun whackos who are against firearms until a nice big 9MM fired by a police officer saves their life or until their precious loved ones (ahem, Rosie O’Donnell) need protection.

Honestly, who knows if embryonic stem cells will ever produce anything meaningful. If the people “protesting” this research now pledge to never use any technologies derived from it for themselves or their children, I say keep on marching. But if new treatments are developed all of these hypocrites will be among the first in line for treatments (even if they successfully keep their tax dollars from supporting this research). And they know it. For that reason alone they ought to shut up.

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