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Steve Chapman on the Company Obama Keeps

Like other Cornerites, I’ve delved into this topic recently.  Steve Chapman had his say in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune.  He’s aptly troubled by the comfy ties between liberals and terrorists … all in the name of “social justice”: 

When William F. Buckley Jr. died in February, one of the things widely praised, by liberals and others, was his stalwart insistence on moral hygiene. Even when his conservative movement was small and embattled, he rejected the temptation to join forces with anti-Semites, the John Birch Society and other extremists. Later, he disavowed longtime confederates Pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran for the sin of bigotry.

Buckley knew the importance of choosing allies carefully. But some people who expect such care from conservatives don’t practice it themselves.

Among many liberals, extremism in the defense of “social justice” is no vice. When the folk singer Pete Seeger got a medal from President Clinton, no one cared that he was a veteran apologist for Stalin and that he still regarded himself as a communist. That indifference betrayed a double standard that conscientious liberals should reject.

By that standard, Barack Obama is a liberal, but not a conscientious one. I don’t much care if he declines to wear a flag pin; I can overlook his wife’s limited capacity for patriotic pride; and I defended his relationship with his former pastor. But his comfortable association with an unrepentant former terrorist should induce queasiness in anyone who shares the humane values that Obama extols.

And Chapman’s conclusion about Obama’s cavorting with Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn nails it:

You can tell a lot about someone from his choice of friends. What this friendship reveals is that when it comes to practicing sound moral hygiene, Obama has work to do and no interest in doing it.


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