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A Note on Steve Scalise

As someone who has known U.S. Representative Steve Scalise and followed his career for 28 years, since 1989, let me add my prayers for his speedy recovery, one with as little pain as possible, after his shooting while at baseball practice. Scalise is a solid conservative, with wonderfully infectious energy and enthusiasm, brimming with good will. His colleague from the neighboring district in Louisiana, Democrat Cedric Richmond, has very publicly attested on multiple occasions to Scalise’s inherent decency.

I spent several hours on Election Day in 2014 with Scalise, as he kept up his tradition — even in what has become a very safe seat — of campaigning door-to-door in his district on Election Day, urging his constituents to go out and vote. The response was electric — like he was a rock star. People don’t just like his politics; they like him. He is gregarious, outgoing, and approachable. The funniest was when one woman opened her door and, seeing Scalise standing there, yelled out: “Holy f***!!!!” And then, realizing what she had said, she continued: “Ohmygod, I’m sorry to curse. I can’t believe it’s you. You’re Steve Scalise. I love you!!!!” It was hilarious.

Anyway, this is a good man. I’m glad to see the reports that his wounds are not life-threatening. Let’s all pray for him — and for his family.


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