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The Stevens Case May Be Over

      WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Justice Department has dropped its case against

former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, a department source told CNN on Wednesday.

      The 85-year-old Stevens was convicted in October on seven counts of lying

on mandatory financial disclosure forms. 

      Stevens hid “hundreds of thousands of dollars of freebies” he received

from an oil field services company and its CEO, said Assistant U.S. Attorney

General Matthew Friedrich. Many of the alleged free services were given as part

of the renovation of Stevens’ Alaska home.      

      Stevens maintained his innocence even after the conviction, and his

sentencing has been delayed amid charges by an FBI agent of prosecutorial


      Stevens also lost the senatorial election last November to Democrat Mark

Begich — who had been the Anchorage mayor.

      He had been appointed to the Senate on December 24, 1968, when his state

was less than 10 years old.    

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