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Steyer, Environmentalist Billionaire, Won’t Challenge Pro-Keystone Dems in $100 Million Climate Campaign

While appearing on MSNBC Friday morning, Tom Steyer a billionaire and environmental activist, said that he won’t use his super PAC war chest to oust embattled Democrats who disagree with him on environmental policy.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd asked Steyer, “You, I assume would like to see the Democrats to keep the Senate, but basically the most vulnerable Senate Democrats disagree with you on the issue of Keystone: Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan, Mark Begich. . . . Do you plan on campaigning against them on this issue during 2014 or not?”

Steyer said, “The way that we’re thinking about where to choose places to campaign is places where there is a big delta, a big difference between the two candidates.” Todd asked if that calculus would exclude Steyer from “playing in Louisiana” with Mary Landrieu, and Steyer said, “to me, that doesn’t fit the prescription I just gave you.”

Steyer recently announced that he planned to spend $100 million dollars — half of it raised from donors and half from personal funds — in the 2014 midterm elections in support of candidates who would enact tough climate-change measures and stop projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline.


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