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Steyn On Crime

Here’s Mark Steyn on violent burglary in Britain, a crime that has been made far, far more likely by the determination of the Blair government to keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding, and to otherwise penalize those householders who want to defend themselves.

“The British establishment’s current complacent approach accepts that ever greater and ever more violent crime is a fact of life, rather than a historical aberration encouraged by the unprecedented constraints placed on the law-abiding and the boundless licence extended to the criminal class. That policy leads remorselessly to more deaths, and to lives lived under small but ever more insidious and corrupting restrictions. The Tories’ big mistake was their failure to understand that “freedom” isn’t just about consumer choices or buying your council flat. It’s also about being free to defend your home – after all, you’re there on the scene and the West Midlands Police 24-Hour Crime Hotline answering machine isn’t. And an assertive citizenry, confident in its freedoms and its responsibilities, is a better bet for long-term survival than the passive charges of the nanny state. If… the police persist in victimising the victims of crime, then I hope we’ll see widespread jury rebellion and a refusal to convict.”

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