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Steyn’s Supercalculations

Mark raises an interesting point. He calculates that the opprobrium for supporting Hillary, who might be able to carry the big industrial states where people live, and who seems to be on a very strong learning curve about what blue-collar “Reagan Democrats” want to hear economically, militarily and culturally, is greater than opprobrium for supporting Obama, who is an inexperienced Senator, with no real accomplishments, who seems unable to veer from his far left script and is fading fast — but has the hearts of the far left, the affluent and the young.  Super-delegates have to care what the media and the party elite think because they need to be re-elected to maintain their positions.  So, if the party elite (“Pelosi Democrats”) make it too hard to support the candidate who could possibly win in the general, then we must thank them for pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, and for handing John McCain a far easier race than he expected.

Personally,  I find it useful to maintain fear that they can pull off a win. But here they are, giving me Hope.


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