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“Stifle It, Denny”

That’s the headline on the lead editorial

in today’s Dallas Morning

News, which whacks House Speaker Denny Hastert

for his disgraceful suggestion that John McCain needs to go visit wounded

soldiers to learn something about sacrifice. I know McCain is not the GOP

leadership’s favorite, but how dare Speaker Hastert, who escaped Vietnam

service on a medical deferment, say such a thing about a senator who was

beaten so badly by the communists that he can’t raise his hands above his

head, and who refused to end his torment by leaving prison early, ahead of

his comrades, when the North Vietnamese offered to let him go? It boggles

the mind that Hastert would stoop so low — and over a budget issue,

on which McCain happens to be right. It makes me ill that the GOP runs the

executive and the legislative branches, and this conservative government is

spending worse than Democrats.

McCain is right to say that’s wrong. I wish more Republicans would. I’m

sick of being told we can have tax cuts without cuts in nonmilitary

spending, which as we know has skyrocketed under this administration. I

don’t believe we can, and I believe President Bush and the Congress are

saddling my generation with an incredible burden. I used to trust the

Republicans to be the party of fiscal responsibility. Now I don’t think any

such thing exists.


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