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Still Time to Order Nr’s Children Treasuries For Christmas

NR’s three acclaimed “classic” children’s books are the perfect gifts to get this Christmas for those deserving little ones (and what little onesdon’t deserve great and wholesome literature?!). There’s still time to get them in time for December 25th. And we’ll help make it even easier for you: if you want, we’ll send them to the lucky recipient, and with a handsome gift card–that saves you the trouble of shipping, postage, etc.–at no extra charge!

I’ll remind you of what our good friend, mega-syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, has to say about these wondrous works:

“These are great. If children can be taught to read and appreciate good literature at an early age, it helps serve as a moral, intellectual and cultural deterrent to the stuff they are being forced-fed by the pagan and dishonest media.”

Be assured: “good literature” is precisely what these books consist of. There’s no heavy-handed sermonizing in these pages–just good, wholesome, beautifully written and illustrated stories that instill values and virtue! Every children’s or family’s library should have them, because they have real worth and lasting value (of course, you can always get the kids one of those cheesy toys that have a half-life of ten minutes . . .) Don’t delay: order The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature and The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories (perfect for new and beginning readers) today, right here.


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