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Still Waiting for the Maskless Texan Apocalypse

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks at the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas, Texas, May 4, 2018. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

When I wrote about Texas’s coronavirus case numbers since the end of the statewide mask mandate last week, I noted that the daily number of new deaths bounces around a lot. A reader pointed out that the seven-day average for that figure smooths out a lot of those unusually high or low days. Using the seven-day average shows similar results as the post last week. Since ending the statewide mask mandate, Texas rate of new cases per day has dropped, as has the number of active cases, while the rate of deaths per day increased slightly.

The day before the mask mandate ended, March 9, Texas had 5,119 new cases of COVID-19, and the seven-day average for new cases was 3,971. On that day, the state had 126,404 active cases of COVID-19. As of March 9, the seven-day average for new deaths was 104.

As of yesterday, the seven-day average for new cases in the state of Texas is 3,010. As of yesterday, Texas had 109,197 active cases of COVID-19, and the seven-day average for new deaths in the state of Texas is 114.

(While many Democrats love to contend that the Lone Star State and its governor, Greg Abbott, have been particularly reckless in their quarantine restrictions and pandemic response, Texas ranks right around the middle: 24th in the country in cases per million residents and deaths per million residents.)

Meanwhile, the state of Colorado is relaxing its mask mandate starting April 4, lifting mask requirements “in Level Green counties for everyone except for students 11 to 18 years old through the end of the school year. Private businesses and local governments still could issue their own mask mandates. For Levels Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red, the mask mandate would remain in place for that same group of students and for any indoor public places with 10 or more people present.”

We’ll see if President Biden denounces Colorado’s Democratic governor, Jared Polis, for so-called “Neanderthal thinking.”


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