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A Stirring Defense of Sarah Palin . . .


. . . by former New York mayor Ed Koch, who styles himself “a liberal with sanity” — and who is. Find his column on Palin here. Sample sentence: “In my opinion, she was right to denounce her critics and use ‘blood libel’ to describe the unfair criticism that she had been subject to.”

Of course. Koch is what the world would call “old” (mid-80s). To me, he is refreshing.

P.S. “Blood libel” has long been used to signify a libelous accusation of murder. Words and phrases often broaden from their original meaning. If anyone other than Sarah Palin — about whom people can’t think straight — had used “blood libel,” there would be no fuss. Of course, if the wounded congresswoman had an “R” after her name rather than a “D,” there would be no extended national conversation about Tucson at all.


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