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Stirring The Pot

From a reader:


At the local level (Township) I am a supporter of the Democrat Mayor. I have also attended local meetings of the Democrat Party to support there efforts. I know, don’t think less of me.

Anyhow, I’ve been to the last four meetings, two a month, and while there were plenty of sessions fearing John Ashcroft, looking at close-up pictures of the President trying to discern the 666 tatoo on his scalp, and just recently, praising the eloquence and courage ( I am beginning to hate that word as much as I hate “For the Children”) of Michael Moore, not one discussion has been on Senator Kerry. In fact, I am told that two people quit attending the meetings because they are Dean supporters.

For my part, I’ve fueled the fire by talking about how the administration has had UBL in custody for months and are waiting to announce his “capture” closer to the elections.


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