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Stolen from Solzhenitsyn?

Daily Kos and others are buzzing that John McCain’s cross-in-the-sand story is not his own, that he lifted it from a Solzhenitsyn novel. We’re supposed to be shocked that there would be a similarity between a fiction character based on real-life horrors, living in circumstances similar to a prisoner of war?

A friend e-mails:

How would they suggest a Christian communicate with another Christian in a North Vietnamese prison camp? Wear a WWJD bracelet? Put a FISH bumper sticker on his rifle? Maybe a discreet gold cross on a necklace worn inside the uniform shirt would do.

Men in prisons write in the dirt because there’s plenty of dirt around–and it can be readily wiped out.

He adds:

I used to do TV commentaries for [a local] CBS affiliate. They only allowed me to do them because of the Fairness Doctrine. I routinely opposed the outrageously pro-abortion slant of the on-air talent.

The suits were invariably polite, correct, but cold when I would show up for my allotted response time. None of the on-air talent would ever deign to meet me.

But I had a makeup lady who could whisper encouragement to me. And the cameraman would give me a thumbs up when I finished my taping.

It is always the humble people who are closer to God. He told us so in a book.


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