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Stories Galore (or At Least Aplenty)

In Impromptus today, I say I can never get enough of Lincoln stories — or Churchill stories, or Reagan stories. And I tell a few. (At least a few Lincoln and Reagan stories. Churchill, we’ll save for another time.) A reader writes to say, “I agree with you. And I can never get enough of John Bolton stories, either!” Fortunately — for him, at least — there are Bolton stories in this column too.

I also say something about Joe Biden — not so pleasant. A reader tells me, “I confided to my sister that I voted Republican on Election Day 2008. She said, disgustedly, ‘You voted for Sarah Palin?’ I answered, ‘You voted for Joe Biden?’” Shut her up, I expect.

I can say, speaking for myself, that I voted at least as much for Palin as I did for John McCain. And if you want to place me into the camp of drooling idiots — be my guest. Some of the people I have most admired have been placed there.


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