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Buckleys and Others in Mexico

Today and tomorrow, we publish a “Bogotá Journal” (two parts). In today’s installment, I have a note about the fateful encounter between Spaniards and locals in what was to be known as Latin America. I have thought of a story that WFB used to tell. I’d like to share it with you here.

There is nothing like hearing it with his voice and timing, though.

WFB’s dad, William F. Buckley Sr., was a big deal in Mexico. President Wilson offered him the governorship of Veracruz. Buckley Sr. knew a grand, aristocratic lady in Mexico City, who liked to wax eloquent about Mexican civilization. “The Mayas, the Aztecs, our glorious past. The Spaniards came in and destroyed it all. I say this despite that fact that I am pure Spanish.”

As Buckley Jr. would comment, “Let’s get that one right.”