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Straight Outta Greenfield

In today’s Impromptus, I start with the remarkable loyalty of Trump supporters — the “Fifth Avenue Principle,” I call it — and end with Darlene Cates (the mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape). In between is an item out of Greenfield, Ind.

A group wanted to donate $50,000 for the high-school football field. They wanted to donate it anonymously. Actually, they wanted the name associated with the donation to be a hashtag: “#BlessTheWorld.”

The school board said no. They would not accept a donation connected to the word “bless” — because “bless” has religious connotations, and the First Amendment forbids the acceptance of such a donation.

Really? Really. One of the questions I ask is: What are you supposed to say when someone sneezes? I mean, what can you say, legally? What if you’re on school grounds?

The #BlessTheWorlders pulled their donation — so the football field will have to find its money elsewhere.

Here on the Corner, I’d like to make one point: I hear a lot about the iniquity of the coasts and the virtue and wisdom of the Heartland (from which I come — which makes me unsentimental about it). But this outrage, or folly, occurred in the middle of Indiana: Mike Pence country. People in Malibu and the Hamptons are going, “What the …?”


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