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Strange Bedfellows, Part MMMCCC . . .

In the last few days, have been getting a fair amount of mail from Ireland, thanks to my scribbling about Mairead Corrigan Maguire, the anti-Israel activist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976. Ireland as a whole is a nasty little state, where Israel is concerned. Strange, because they were such friends of the Jews during World War II, huh?

Anyway, I well remember something Mark Steyn noted, at the very beginning of the War on Terror, those years ago: At a big anti-war march in London, a lesbian group and an Islamist group were marching side by side, with the former group seemingly clueless that, if the latter group had its way — things would not be so good for the former group. Well, yesterday, a woman in Ireland sent me a photo, here (you will find it after a little scrolling). It’s of a big anti-Israel march in Dublin the other day: and the LGBT people, with their banner, are marching right alongside the Islamists, with their Hamas flag.

Do the Irish gays have any idea — any idea — what Hamas does to gays in Gaza, and wherever else Hamas can get their hands on them? Do they know that Palestinian gays must flee to Israel, for physical safety? I have a feeling they know — and don’t care. Because the anti-Israel impulse trumps everything. The West, including Israel, is what protects them, but their hatred of the West is so great — instilled by their teachers, of course — that they are willing to throw in their lot with people who would torture and kill them.

Swell, just swell. I remember an observation I made at the beginning of the Afghan War: Some people would rather gays be stoned to death than suffer the ignominy of being rescued by George W. Bush and the U.S. military.


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Colin Powell, R.I.P.

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