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Strange Bedfellows Watch

What do the mainstream media, the neo-cons, and the Iranians agree on? The innocence of Ahmed Chalabi. This could be a strange bedfellow alliance for the ages. Granted, most of the media is piling on Chalabi, but the New York Times amazingly ran a pro-Chalabi op-ed on Saturday. This is the strange new respect that comes with bitterly denouncing the U.S. occupation. Meanwhile, the liberal Boston Globe ran an editorial against the Chalabi raid titled “The Attack on Chalabi.” As for the Iranians, they are outraged by the espionage accusations against Chalabi. This is how a report for Radio Free Europe put it: “Iran has called the U.S. accusations ‘baseless and unfounded.’ A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Hamid Reza Assefi, said yesterday that the United States is fabricating the espionage claims in order to ‘cover up their massive problems in Iraq.’” Interesting…


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