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Stray MSNBC Thought of the Day

(Does anyone have more than one MSNBC thought of the day?)

As I was watching MSNBC with the volume down while on the radio this morning, I thought: Why don’t they give Chuck Todd his own show already? Everyone else on the network needs him to make any show work. So, why not chuck someone and go all Chuck? Specifically, a curiosity: How exactly did they come to decide David Gregory should have his own show? Isn’t it time to rethink that?  Sure, it would be geek hour, but someone with more than one camera angle (i.e. besides C-SPAN) has to do it. We know Fox won’t be anytime soon, unless they find a geek who looks good in a bikini, on air.

Of course, I’m the person who thought the biggest travesty in cable news was when Jeff Greenfield’s show was canceled, so programmers may bear that in mind.  


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