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Streisand’s Solicitation for ‘Emergency Contribution’

Barbra Streisand pleaded with fellow Democrats to donate to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), warning that “every single thing Democrats like you and I spent a lifetime fighting for is on the line.
” In an e-mail for the DCCC, Streisand noted that “vicious attack ads” could tip the balance of the upcoming election “in favor of Tea Party extremists.” That, she said, would be “a disaster for America and we can’t let it happen.”

In closing, Streisand urged Democrats to “rush an emergency contribution right away while there’s still time.” According to the New York Times, at the end of September, President Obama and the leading Democratic super PAC had raised $63 million more than Governor Romney and the leading Republican super PAC.

This isn’t the first time Streisand has weighed in on the campaign. Last month, in an article for the Huffington Post, she urged Americans to vote for Obama, noting that “Our country, and the notion of the American Dream, was built on the bedrock that government must play a vital role in providing investments that ultimately afford opportunity for all.” Streisand argued that if government did not invest in infrastructure, research and development, and the Internet, “a person’s future would be sealed in the socio-economic status that he or she was born into.”


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