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Strike Back at OWS–Repair Charlie Cooke’s iPhone

As anyone around these parts knows, Charlie Cooke has been spending a lot of time down at Occupy Wall Street, engaging with the protesters and recording the results. A number of his videos have gone viral and one has even showed up in a TV ad. It’s been sterling work. But reasoning with this crew isn’t a risk-free business. Yesterday, Charlie was discussing the origins of slavery with a devotee of Louis Farrakhan. The Farrakhan guy insisted that the British invented slavery. When Charlie pointed out that, reprehensible as the Atlantic slave trade was, in this case slavery actually originated in Africa, with Africans enslaving Africans, the Farrakhan guy rejected it. Charlie pulled up the African slavery entry on Wikipedia to show the guy, who didn’t demonstrate much interest in historical evidence. He responded that he didn’t want to see any such thing and knocked the iPhone out of Charlie’s hand, cracking the front of it. NR is, of course, paying the $200 or so to repair the iPhone, but we want to give all you out there a chance to help. If you want to chip in a little something to help us pay for the repair, do it here, and any excess will support Charlie’s work. Strike a blow for justice!

Make a one-time donation to help repair Charlie Cooke’s phone: