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Some interesting stuff in a new Gallup poll on Democratic presidential candidates. Gallup asked, “What comes to your mind when you think about Hillary Rodham Clinton?” Positive and negative answers are listed together, in order of the percentage of people who gave them:

Dislike  her    13

Qualified/Capable of being president    10

Riding Bill’s shirt tails    9

Strong    8

Intelligent/smart    6

Dishonest/Don’t trust    6

Would not be good for the country    5

A good politician    5

Would be first woman president    4

Like her    4

Not electable/Country not ready for woman president    4

Past baggage associated with Bill    3

Too liberal    3

Power hungry/Pushy    3

Health care positions    3

Experienced    2

Controversial    2

Dislike her views    1

Like her views    1

Wishy-washy/Doesn’t take clear stands on issues    1

Outspoken/Opinionated    1

Not qualified/Incompetent    1

Honest/Trustworthy/Good morals    1

Democrat    1

Not knowledgeable    1

Too controlling    1


Other    9

Nothing/Not familiar with her    2

No opinion    2


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