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Student-Housing Policy Adds to Uncertainty

COVID-19 has lots of students uncertain about their educational futures. Their anxieties are being increased with regard to housing concerns. If they enroll for the fall and there has to be another shutdown, will they get their money back?

That’s a question facing UNC students. Nicole Divers explains the problems in today’s Martin Center article. 

She writes:

For students who rely on university housing, particularly those with loans or impoverished students, no refunds could mean a loss of more than $1,400While Western Carolina and UNC-Greensboro will let students opt out of their housing contracts before August, their no-refund policy means students need to find off-campus housing fast or risk paying for housing they can’t use.

Housing uncertainties are especially serious for international students and those from other states.

Divers concludes:

After the abrupt shift to remote learning, reopening campus is a welcome relief for many students. However, the no-refund housing policy, compounded with the indecision over instruction methods, leaves many students in a state of turmoil as they scramble to make last-minute plans. Universities should be doing everything in their power to encourage students to enroll in fall classes. So far, they seem more focused on ensuring payments over pupils.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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