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Most of this is cribbed from an email from a good, insidery source, with permission:

***Various sources in and around the Philadelphia suburbs report unusually low turnout. This is good news for Toomey, because the white-bread upper-middle class suburbs are the hot bed of squishy Republicanism.

***Broadly, polling sites have shown low turnout to this point. Poll officials outside of Harrisburg and north of Troy report low turnout. At one polling place outside of Troy, about 10 percent of registered Republicans had voted before 2 p.m. Low turnout statewide helps Toomey, because conservative Toomey backers are bound to show up, while Specter’s backers will be more likely to decide something else is more worth their while.

***Weather so far has been good. Weather Channel, however, forecasts ugly weather, maybe rain or sleet in Philadelphia tonight. Doppler shows rain just hitting Philly. Rain may be spotty, rather than a big storm. Sleet hit Pittsburgh earlier today according to source in Allegheny Co.

***An exit poll in Lancaster Co. shows a slim lead for Toomey, 52-48. But this is very unscientific. It was of 113 voters at 23 polling places in the Co.

***A statewide conservative call-in show welcomed listeners to debate the race. Right away, they had Toomey callers. It took them 19 minutes to get a Specter backer on the air.

***Unscientific interviews show all late breakers going Toomey’s way. This is promising for the 4-10 percent undecideds in most recent polls. Many pro-lifers are backing Specter because of Santorum’s and Bush’s endorsements, we also found.

***Specter had recorded phone calls going into central Pa. last night, with the voice of President Bush (likely from last Monday’s rally in Pittsburgh) expressing his full support for Specter. Specter has spent his last $5 on get-out-the-vote efforts. The Philadelphia Inquirer carried the headline about the race above the fold on page A-1.

***A good source has spoken to folks at seven polling places. None of them had Specter workers present.


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