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Stupak’s Back!

So explains the latest scare-campaign from the ACLU. An e-mail they sent out yesterday reads:

Anti-choice forces in Congress wasted no time trying to limit access to abortion. Their opening salvo: a proposal that penalizes women and businesses and would eliminate insurance coverage of abortion. It would revive the Stupak Amendment that the last Congress rejected.

They’re talking about H.R. 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” introduced last week, the morning after the repeal vote. And they’re admitting the truth: Stupak’s once-proposed funding restrictions and conscience protections are not law. And, yes, H.R. 3 would do what the Left has long pretended is already a reality: Create a universal Hyde amendment, keeping taxpayer money away from abortion funding once and for all. 

(Some more here about these issues and why abortion is a coalition-building tea-party issue.)


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