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I was actually pretty pleased by that story. I think Hank Stuever – who is, I would bet my haggis supply, a snarking liberal – did a good job. He gave Jonah props, and allowed the crunchy debunkers their say, but I think on the whole he wrote a fun and fair piece. Julie and I were extremely nervous about letting a Style section reporter through the door, but we had a great time hanging out with Hank. I was particularly pleased by the way he ended the piece – by saying that as he drove away, it struck him that that family sure is happy. We are. We are blessed. I think that being genuinely cheerful and companionable as conservatives and Christians is a good witness to a media culture that is often too willing to paint us all as grim Puritan busybodies instead of real people, flawed but as human as anybody else.

Three pieces of possibly relevant information:

1) I’m now blogging regularly at—check it out here

2) I just found out today that Jonah and I will be together at a religion conference in Key West later this month. I predict that we kiss and make up over cold beers watching the sun set at the end of Duval Street (well, okay, using the phrase “kiss and make up” in context of two guys meeting in Key West is probably not smart, but you know what I mean)

3) When I am brought before the International Court of Human Rights for my crimes against humanity trial, I want John Podhoretz in the dock defending me.

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