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Subject: ANWR and Obama / McCain…



Here’s a nightmare scenario for you: if I was advising Obama, I’d recommend he step forward and say that, in the face of rising energy prices and need to reduce foreign dependence, as president he would certainly consider tasking the Departments of Energy and Interior to study exploring drilling in ANWR. (This study would be careful, thoughtful, time consuming and “engaging all stakeholders,” of course).

He’d certainly have the unions on his side (several already support drilling, just like they’d like to be building new nuclear plants), and he’d also get to the right of McCain on a no-brainer issue that would have “casual voters” saying, “Wow! This Obama character sure is a different sort of politician, ain’t he, Mabel?”

And, Americans’ memories being what they are these days, he’d never even have to follow through if he wins. (And the media certainly wouldn’t call him on it.)


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