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Subject: Fried Turkey

A fried turkey dissent (this is a recipe and procedure I think I could actually manage):

Dear Mr. Lowry:

The piece about your first time disastrous results with frying turkey was posted again today. I don’t care much for deep fried turkey, but there is a recipe for fried turkey breast that is very good and simple. What you do is cut your turkey breast into strips, not thin strips, it’s more like chunks about two inches wide, one inch thick, and three to four inches long, then soak these strips in milk overnight. The next day lightly salt the strips, bread them with white flower, and fry in a frying pan with just a little vegetable oil much like frying chicken. This is delicious served with chicken flavored rice-a-roni. It’s not really a Thanksgiving recipe, but my mother often served it for Sunday dinner. This is much better than that deep fried turkey, which is grossly overrated.