The Corner

Subject: George Allen on John Riggins Show


Rich –

I know George Allen is not the inside-the-Beltway conversative’s cup of tea.  But you got to love the fact that he is currently stumping on the John Riggins radio show (as well as making his weekly football picks as he has since the start of the season).  Unfortunately, he never got a chance to show this true self but he really comes off well in this environment.  He says he’s optimistic and that they are seeing record turnout numbers despite rain spreading through the state.  He didn’t think there were any voting problems and was optimistic although nervous like the 2 hours before a big game (per Riggo’s analogy).  He also had a good story about Deacon Jones (who cut a spot for him) and said Tampa Bay coach Gruden gave him a pep talk.  A good guy who didn’t get much help from the snickerati.