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Subject: Mosquito infested bog



Drilling in ANWR would be like drilling in the Grand Canyon?   The Grand Canyon averages five million visitors a year.  The highest number of visitors to the whole of ANWR was in 1990 and it was 886! (from 2003 Report to Congress, Interior Dept).  Just who’s gonna be deprived of this miniscule bit of pristineness that Maverick wants to preserve?   Moreover, isn’t Maverick supposed to be THE National Security candidate?  And aren’t we constantly told that our national security depends on our becoming energy independent?  Then why can’t Maverick just concede those 55 electoral votes from CA (which he isn’t getting anyway), and advocate offshore drilling.  According to a 2006 poll in FL, a majority favor offshore drilling there–and that was way before gas hit $4.10 a gallon.

And why does McCain “respect the right of states to control the waters off their coasts?”  This is phony federalism because, unless I’m mistaken, California and Florida don’t own any offshore water unless the federal government gives it to them.  In such cases, it’s been tidelands the federal government has ceded to states, not way the hell out in the ocean where the drilling would take place.This guy drives me crazy.


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