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Subject: Nightmare Scenario


I had a dream (a nightmare really) last night that John McCain was driving around in a big black bus, campaigning in the general.  Huge speakers were blaring his new theme song, “Teenage Wasteland.”  (“I don’t have to fight, to prove I’m right.  I don’t need to be forgiven…”)   He was wearing cowboy boots, black jeans, a lumberjack shirt (with the top two buttons undone) and a do-rag on his head.  I woke up in a cold sweat, and spent the rest of the night carving the words “There is no fate” on the headboard of my bed with a bowie knife.

Is there no way to keep this thing from happening?

ME: I think Mark Levin might have had the same dream! Yeah, if McCain loses Michigan and/or South Carolina. Otherwise, he’s going to be in real good shape a week from tomorrow.


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