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Subject: a Reader in Houston


Thought you might want to know: the mood in Houston is a city, as one, putting its shoulder to the wheel. Gallery Furniture is allowing families to sleep on beds in its showroom, and is feeding them as well. The local hotels have relaxed pet policies and in many cases rates; the sounds at the downtown Hyatt are of dog barks echoing up the capacious lobby. The public schools are volunteering to take in children whose families were displaced; this will probably result in extensive babysitting, but will at least give the parents a break. And the money, to hear it, is pouring in. AM sports stations, in conjunction with local eateries, are auctioning off dinner with local sports celebrities for thousands of dollars apiece. And, in a well-needed dose of mirth, one FM hard rock station offered a deal for listeners: any song–ANY song–in return for a hundred-dollar donation. So listeners are calling in with requests for Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, and Don Ho. I hadn’t heard “Tiny Bubbles” in over a decade.

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