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Subject: Senator McCain and ANWR


Hi Rich,If Senator McCain has not visited ANWR, a visit now could actually be his way out of the corner in which he has trapped himself. He could visit ANWR, and then state that it is actually a wasteland that is nothing like the Grand Canyon. And, then he can proclaim that he has changed his position and would accept drilling in ANWR to help move the country toward energy independence and lower gas prices.


Another e-mail:

Hi Rich,Another way McCain can move toward an ANWR solution is to educate himself on small-footprint drilling practices. He should talk to some oil company guys, get the facts, and then announce STERNLY that he will only support the exploration in ANWR if it strictly adheres to “environmentally friendly low-impact micro-drilling standards” and DEMAND that no more than .5% of the land in that area be compromised in even the slightest way.Bingo. The oil companies can all drill within those parameters now and McCain can appear as the reasonable tough guy he wants to be. 


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