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Subject: Senator Obnoxious



I earned my MBA as an enlisted man before I retired in 1999 after 20 years in the Navy. Not one day of college was done in the traditional way. I earned an Associates Degree in Computer Electronics Technology, a Bachelors Degree with dual majors in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, and my MBA the hard way…all while on active duty, working full time and supporting my family of three.

John Kerry is a disgrace to the United States Senate as well as the United States Navy. I am writing to my Senators to ask that they ask for his immediate resignation. (Not that’ll go anywhere, but at least I’ll feel better.) That this man came so close to being Commander in Chief is truly frightening.

Before his press conference today, I was only going to vote on Tuesday, as I really didn’t have to the time to volunteer to get out the vote.

Now I’m energized and I will work my a– off to get Republicans to vote…


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