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Subject: Soldier In Afghanistan

E-mail—definitely worth listening to:

Mr. Lowry:

My name is Zac Northup and I am a former officer in the United States Army.  Back in September I had a friend who was injured during an IED attack in Afghanistan.  I was never able to visit him in the hospital, but finally linked up yesterday via phone, and did a forty-five minute interview where he describes exactly what its like to be standing in the gunner’s turret of a Humvee when a 1000 kilo car bomb goes off less than six feet away.

In addition to these comments, he also had some interesting things to say about how the enemy has been manipulating the U.S. Media.  In fact, the day after the attack on his vehicle, the Taliban actually put out a press release announcing the successful strike on his convoy.  As you might expect, several news networks picked up on the Taliban’s PR.

I have condensed the whole thing down to just 13 minutes and would like as many people as possible to know about this man’s sacrifice.

You can download the interview here.

This interview is just one that has been included as part of the For Others Beyond Themselves.   You can listen to more of these interviews at the For Others Beyond Themselves here.