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Subject: Thoughts from a Walter Reed Patient with PTSD

Here is one more e-mail about PTSD and the Hasan shooting. Sorry I’m so tardy posting it, but I recommend reading the blog post that’s linked in the e-mail (warning: salty language).

Mr Lowry,

I am a wounded Iraq War Vet.  I lost my right arm to an IED in late 2006.  I was a patient at Walter Reed for 9 months in 2007, the same time Major Hassan was there.  I have PTSD and TBI.  The attempts by the media to say this guy has PTSD by proxy are absolutely disgusting, and serve as a giant middle finger toward every Soldier like me who has actually deployed and has real medical problems.  I posted the following on my blog this weekend.  I’m sending you the text only version.  The post on my blog has photos of me at Walter Reed with my doctors and therapists.